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 The Early Norwegian-American Churches

This graph shows the relationship of the different Norwegian synods in the USA during the years from 1843 through 1913. There was active religious activity and a growth in the development of a non-state run church.


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Click on the following link to read biographical notes on some early pastors. (in Norwegian)


Early Pioneer Pastors                                               Pastor Muus 1862

                                                                                           Pastor Moses 1868


Log Church & Norway Lake Pastor                     Pastor Markhus 1869-1885


East & West Norway Lake Pastors                      Pastor Fjeldstad 1886-1900

                                                                                           Pastor Sotendahl 1902-


First Lutheran & Monson Lake Pastors            Pastor Halvorson 1886-1890

                                                                                           Pastor Jordahl 1892-1913

                                                                                           Pastor N J Njus 1913-


West Lake Pastor (Sunburg Lutheran)               Pastor Sund 1903-


Other Early Pastors that served the area churches as visiting pastors:

Pastor K Holter  Pastor Rustad  Pastor Paulson  Pastor Hegge  Pastor Sveen


Other Pastors of interest:

Pastor C Holter  Pastor Beito  Pastor Froiland  Pastor Morgan  Pastor L J Njus



History of the Log Church

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The Settlers:


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